Key Cutting in Midrand

Want to avoid losing your keys or to replace a damaged one? Or do you want to surprise your partner with an official key to your new home? Either way, we at Florida Locksmiths have advanced key machines and key references to help you to get your key cut regardless of the type of key you need!

Proper key cutting in Midrand for every type of lock…

From cutting keys for doors, back doors, interior doors, cars motorcycles, bikes, boats, planes, lockers, ski boxes, mail boxes and closets (antique and new) to safes, beach cabins, suitcases, roll-down shutters and garage doors.

Do you own a special key in Midrand? No worries, in our central key centre we have almost 15.000 references to make sure your key can be properly duplicated fast and conveniently in Midrand.

But that’s not all! The most popular key duplications are also available in different colours and designs!  This helps you to find the right key immediately.

Having backup keys on hand can save you a lot of frustration and hassle later on. At Key Shoppe, we are a full service locksmith that provides key duplication services for automotive customers, residential customers, and businesses alike. Whether you want a couple extra keys to your home or you need a specialized key made, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to get the job done. Stop by one of our two locations in Slidell, Louisiana today to see our vast wall of keys and learn more about our key cutting services.

Types of Keys We Cut in Midrand

At Florida Locksmiths, we provide key cutting service in Midrand and are able to copy a wide variety of keys, including:

Using your keys everyday will cause wear and tear. We advise you to repair a curved key as soon as possible to prevent the key from getting stuck in a cylinder.

Let us cut your key now!